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Vizag Terminal – Gateway for Iron-ore Exports & Coastal Shipping on East Coast of India

India's largest mechanized iron-ore handling complex.

Located within one of the 13 designated ‘major ports’ of India, Essar’s 24 MMTPA Iron-ore export terminal at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, is the largest iron ore handling complex in India. The location is critical for the export of Iron-ore traffic and for coastal movement. The terminal’s fully mechanised eco-friendly infrastructure delivers a performance which can be benchmarked with the best across the globe, while also enabling lower logistics’ cost for customers. The terminal is strategically located in the Bay of Bengal in close proximity to Iron-ore mines located in Chhattisgarh, southern Odisha and Jharkhand. The all-weather deep draft facility has the wherewithal to serve the rapidly growing markets of Southeast Asia including China, Japan and Korea, in addition to coastal movement for the steel industry within India.

Post winning the bid for mechanization and upgradation of Iron-ore berths at Visakhapatnam Port on Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Transfer (DBFOT) basis for a concession period of 30 years, Essar Ports took over the Ore Handling Complex (outer harbour berths) from Visakhapatnam Port Trust in May 2015. Post upgradation, the terminal is now India’s largest ore handling complex and delivers the best performance which can be benchmarked across the globe. The terminal has a comprehensive mechanized system ranging from wagon tipplers, stackers, reclaimers, closed conveying systems and the largest ship loader which has been enabling cost effective Iron-ore exports from India.

The 24 MMTPA Iron-ore handling terminal at Vizag Port is an all-weather deep draft facility that has the wherewithal to serve the rapidly growing markets of South-East Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea. It can accommodate super cape size vessels and has dedicated rail-connectivity with Bacheli & Kirandul high-grade iron-ore sources due to which the facility has an advantage to serve the western-sector of India. It is also integrated with a pellet plant in Vizag through a fully mechanized conveying facility with 6.7km shipping conveyor system.

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Essar Vizag Terminals Limited,
Ore Handling Complex,
Port Area, Vizag-530035
Andhra Pradesh | India |

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Largest mechanized iron-ore handling complex.

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Strategically located for exports and coastal traffic.

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Enables competitiveness of iron ore exports of the nation.

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Two outer harbour berths which can handle vessels up to ~200,000 DWT with 18.5 Mtrs draft.

Crane and Conveyor Facilities

~9.5km conveyor stream, equipped with cold fog system that reduces dust pollution and ensures a cleaner environment.


The Vizag facility is the largest ship loader with 8000 TPH capacity boosting exports and coastal movement of nation.


- 1MMT stacking capacity in 30 Acres of stockyard.

Wagon Tipplers, Stackers and Reclaimers
  • 3 wagon tipplers
  • Stackers – 2 X 2,700 TPH
  • Reclaimers – 3 X 4,000 TPH

The services are being offered with an aim of faster turn-around of the vessels, zero congestion of vessels at anchorage, zero spillages, zero foreign contamination, and zero dust-emissions.

The facility consists of two-berths saving time towards of pre-commencement and sailing. The berths in the outer harbour are capable of berthing cape size vessels up to 200,000 DWT with a draft of 18.5 Mtrs with an LOA up to 325Mtrs.

The fully mechanized stock yard can store up to one million tonnes of cargo through a string of stackers and reclaimers. It handles the cargo in the most efficient and ecofriendly manner.

The Vishakhapatnam Port Trust provides various vessel-related services such as pilotage, tug and towing services.

The terminal is also integrated with adjacent pellet plant in Vizag through a fully mechanized facility and is also accessible to other adjacent industries for necessary mechanized integration.

The Vizag terminal’s state-of-the-art sprinkler systems and cold fog system ensures the suppression and containment of dust in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

Rakes are received by the terminal from the Indian Railways at an exchange yard and are tippled through a system of three wagon tipplers for onwards mechanized conveying. From the fully mechanized stock yard cargo is then reclaimed for onward loading of vessels at a speed of 8,000 TPH in the most efficient and ecofriendly manner.


Vizag Port is connected to north and south India via National Highway NH5, which runs from Chennai to Kolkata.


Terminal is connected to the national network of Chennai-Visakhapatnam-Howrah rail corridor. The rake receiving facility provides direct connectivity to the mining operators.


Visakhapatnam Airport is 10 km from the Port, which is well connected to all major domestic and international airports.


  • Cumulative cargo handling crosses ~60 million metric tonnes in April since takeover.
  • Records throughput of 13.8 MMTPA for FY 21, growth of 7% despite COVID pandemic.
  • Records handling of 218 vessels in a fiscal year.
  • Records highest monthly cargo throughput of 1.5 MMT loaded in March.
  • Records highest monthly number of rakes handling of 224 rakes in the month of March.
  • Loads 1,53,000 MT of iron ore on largest cape size vessel MV AQUADIVA (183,000 DWT) in Vizag port history (LOA 292 m and Beam : 46 M) in the month of March.


  • Records highest number of vessels handled in a month, 23, in July.
  • Continues operations with no impact to customers despite COVID pandemic


  • Implemented Efficient Power Systems reducing carbon emissions.
  • Achieved 100,115 tonnes of loading in 24 hours for MV Ishwari (Mini-Cape Size Vessel).


  • Commissions Ore Handling Complex and the Project with an upgraded and modern system.
  • Implements ‘Zero Demurrages’, ensuring faster turn-around of rakes and vessels.
  • Implements ‘Zero Contamination’ by installing heavy-duty ore-band magnetic separators, suspended magnets and metal detectors, ensuring highest quality standards.
  • Implements ‘Zero Dust-Emissions’ by installing yard sprinkling systems and cold-fog systems, ensuring our commitment to reducing carbon emissions.


  • Implemented ‘Zero Spillages’ concept.
  • Undertakes simultaneous project works and operations with minimal impact to trade and industry.


  • Takeover of ‘Iron Ore Handling Mechanised Complex’ from Visakhapatnam Port Trust by Essar Vizag Terminals Ltd.


  • Signing of concession agreement between Visakhapatnam Port Trust & Essar Vizag Terminals Ltd.
  • Award of Letter by Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT)
  • Essar emerges as successful bidder for the Public Private Partnership Project to be implemented on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis
Awards Received
  • Construction Times Award for Best Executed Port & Harbour Project of the Year 2017

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