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LNG is the acronym for liquefied natural gas, that has been made over millions of years of transformation of organic materials, such as plankton and algae. Natural gas is 95% methane, which is actually the cleanest fossil fuel. The combustion of natural gas primarily emits water vapour and small amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). This implies that CO2 emissions are 30 to 50% lower than those produced by other combustible fuels.

LNG is touted as the Energy of the Future

LNG is a way to move natural gas long distances when pipeline transport is not feasible. In its compact liquid form, natural gas can be shipped in special tankers to terminals around the world. At these terminals, the LNG is returned to its gaseous state and transported by pipeline to distribution companies, industrial consumers, and power plants.

According to the International Energy Agency’s Sustainable Development Scenario, natural gas consumption will remain high in 2040, when the fuel is still expected to meet nearly a quarter of global energy demand. At Essar Ports, we’ve made it as a major focus of our strategy and our efforts to combat climate change.



  • Natural gas comprises only 6% of India’s energy basket compared to 24% global average   
  • The Government of India is working on increasing the gas share in the energy basket to 15% by 2030   
  • Currently, India is importing approx. 58% of gas requirement in the form of LNG due to lower domestic production
  • Gas-based power plants of approx. 25,000 MW is either idle or running at very low capacity   
  • Due to environmental hazards, the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat have focused on replacing diesel and petrol vehicles with CNG and LNG based vehicles  
  • This project is based on floating storage and land-based regasification which can be developed faster than the conventional atmospheric tanks based project

Hazira Terminal Concept

Terminal Concept

Essar is setting up a 6.0 MMTPA LNG Terminal at Hazira. It comprises a floating storage unit, truck loading gantry and regasification facility to meet gas requirements of the steel industry and power industry as well as third party customers and LCNG fuel stations.

The LNG Terminal Project shall be implemented in 2 phases:

Phase-1: LNG Truck Loading Gantry and Regasification Unit

250mmscmd Regasification skid (2X125mmscmd) LNGS to rage Bullets, LPLNG Feed Pumps, Truck Loading Gantry(16 bays)

Phase-2: Regasification Facility (2MMTPA)

The Phase-2 project shall comprise of 250mmcsmd Regasification skid (2X125mmscmd)

Hazira Terminal Project Status

  • Basic engineering completed
  • Environment & CRZ clearance received from MOEF, Govt. of India
  • Berth construction complete
  • Implementation in progress

Project Status

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