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Over the next decade, the Indian cruise market has the potential to increase by 8X driven by rising demand and disposable incomes. However, to do so, India will have to focus on the development of infrastructure to unlock demand. Optimized development and phasing strategy are necessary for development of this sector.

Taking the lead, Essar Ports has developed Essar Hazira Ferry Terminal — a common user infrastructure under its not-for-profit initiative. Essar Ports envisions of developing similar ferry-cum-RO-PAX terminals across the coastline of India which can revolutionize transportation of passengers and goods in India.

  • A non-profit initiative by Essar Ports, the Ferry Terminal aims at building world-class public infrastructure and common user facilities for the nation
  • Aligned to the Maritime India Vision 2030 of Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India which is going to pave way for growth of India's maritime sector
  • Facility will help promote ocean, coastal and river cruise sectors as an eco-friendly mode of transportation
  • Terminal is capable of accommodating a ferry with a length 100m
  • Terminal has a draft of 2.5m and operations are linked to tide
  • The terminal also has a waiting hall for passengers with a cafeteria area
  • The waiting hall can accommodate a maximum of 200 passengers at a time
  • At present, the terminal is connected via services to destinations of Mumbai and Diu
  • In future, we are hopeful to connect it to different tourist destinations in India and Overseas

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