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Diversified Solutions enabling Competitive Edge

Supply chain plays a pivotal role in the future of businesses. Many Organizations have long demonstrated that supply chain management enables competitive advantage. Organizations must evolve continuously to stay at the top. To achieve a sustainable competitive edge, they will have to design their supply chain strategy by taking into account of future logistics networks, improving the responsiveness, and working towards operational excellence.

Essar through its more than 50 Years of experience has pioneered the art of End to End to Supply Chain management and offers solutions in wide range of areas.


With decades of experience Essar Ports has a long history of meeting the needs of our customers at every step of the way. We have developed the capability and strong team which now offer tailor made solutions ensuring industry and port work in sync. Through this industry can focus on its core area of operations.

In India, 60% of freight moves by road, which is significantly larger than in many developed economies. Coastal movement and inland waterways are at a nascent stage. Rail transport is marginal, in spite of being 45% cheaper per ton–km than road, due to adverse pricing and rake booking practices and lack of intermodal facilities to enable easy transfer.

Essar through its more than 50 Years of experience has pioneered the art of Multi Modal Logistics and offers solutions in wide range of areas like:

Receipt and Dispatch Modes Offered

Improvement of water-based transport share would lead to lowering of logistics costs for end-user industries as water-based transport is inherently cheaper than rail and road modes. Also, other indirect benefits such as reduced air and noise pollution and reduced rate of accidents would benefit the economy as a whole. As the industry strives for lowering of logistics cost to boost EXIM competitiveness while staying committed to the fight against Climate Change.

C O A S T A L - S H I P P I N G

Having pioneered the concept of coastal shipping by Essar, we now have decades of experience of operating ports & terminals and associated ships which undertake coastal shipping along Indian Coastline and integrate west and east coast of India.

We offer an integrated approach to design the most cost-effective and hassle-free logistics solutions for end-user industries where coastal shipping and our terminals play a pivotal role.

The logistics industry has evolved significantly over time. Compared with the traditional logistics industry consisting of scattered and single-operation activities, modern logistics is systematic and integrated, providing a full range of one-stop service through extensive application of information technology and industry expertise to support the entire supply chain from transport and freight, warehousing management, and order processing to delivery and customer service.

Essar Ports believes in delivering value and sustainable advantage to its customers and is now offering solutions encompassing entire supply chain right to the door of the customer. The same are not limited to:

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